History of Rainier Beer - Part 1 (1883-1933)

Read more about Prosit subscriptions… Prosit, SCI’s quarterly publication, contains feature articles on beer stein related subjects, plenty of photographs, news of regional meetings, free advertisements for members in the “Stein Exchange,” and advertisements for stein auctions, sales, and other events of interest to stein collectors.. Since our beginning in 1965, more than 5000 pages ...read more


How Do You Identify German Beer Mugs or Steins?

preserve the traditions of beer stein production, King acquired historical molds from now closed pottery manufacturers and has one of the largest mold archives in the industry with beer stein molds dating … ...read more


The History of German Beer Steins – German Culture

Subscribe to E4 for more: https://bit.ly/2OUhyfNWatch the FULL series on All 4: https://bit.ly/2oNpwezCheck out Jon Richardson's funniest moments from series ...read more


Dating German Steins - Country Living

New Listing GRAIN BELT ® BEER collectible red gray bottle cap breweriana/beer diamond design. Pre-Owned. $1.49. Time left 6d 13h left. 0 bids. or Best Offer +$3.22 shipping. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Grain Belt Bock Beer BO Pull Tab Beer Can - Grain Belt - Minneapolis, MN. … ...read more


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Dating back to its German roots, the beer Stein was originally produced with a permanently attached hinged lid in the 14 th century. The lid was a result of a public fear which spread widely related to hygiene issues triggered by the bubonic plague i.e. Black Death. ...read more


German Beer Steins and Mugs: Own the Authentic German Beer

8/19/2013 · Aug 19, 2013 - Original beer steins have become collector items. These hand-painted mugs originated in Germany and have since been replicated by manufacturers because of their overall appeal. Collectors should look for a number of elements on a beer stein to ensure it is genuine and not a mass-produced replica. ...read more


German beer stein history - beer steins and mugs

Our beer steins and mugs are selected for their high quality and affordable prices. Select your steins by type, theme, manufacturer, or style. Our New beer steins and mugs are available in: Pewter Steins, Stoneware Steins, Porcelain Steins, Glass Steins, and Mugs. New German Beer Stein Catalog: Old / Antique/ and Collectible German Steins Catalog ...read more



4/12/2017 · Look at the inside of the stein while holding it up to sunlight. German beer steins will have a lithophane on the bottom. However, the presence of a lithopane doesn’t mean it is an old stein. If the picture contains any nudity or provocative scenes, it is a new stein. No old German beer steins contain nudity or provocative scenes. ...read more


How to Identify Vintage Beer Steins | Our Pastimes

Most seasoned beer stein collectors look for beer steins from the pre-1918 era. Good examples can command several thousands of dollars on the antique market. What to Look For. Look for early beer steins dating from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, before 1918, made in Germany. Good condition is essential to high values when it comes to beer steins. ...read more


Beer glassware - Wikipedia

Beer stein (/ ˈ s t aɪ n / STYNE), or simply stein, is an English term for either traditional beer mugs made out of stoneware, or specifically ornamental beer mugs that are usually sold as souvenirs or collectibles.An 1894 article on beer mugs in the American Vogue magazine describes various types of steins adding ″And it is to this [i.e. German] nation that we owe Wagner's music and the ...read more



What to watch for in NHL’s Stanley Cup beer mug lawsuit in

etched & paneled Rainier Beer glass: Rainier Beer tray - "Evelyn Nesbitt" etched & paneled Rainier Beer glass: Rainier Beer stein, ca.1904 "A Good Judge Knows Rainier" Rainier poster for 1903 from Sacramento: beer stein by Mettlach, ca.1895 : Reverse on glass sign: Rainier Beer tray - "Lady and the Bear" ca.1913: curved enamel sign: half-pint ...read more


Jefferson’s Mac and Cheese – Dine, Wine & Stein Magazine

7/11/2018 · Maryland resident Dick Strom, first vice president of Stein Collectors International and a member of the Gambrinus Stein Club, which includes Virginia, Maryland and … ...read more


grain belt beer collectibles for sale | eBay

8/6/2018 · In rural beer pubs, he witnessed stein culture first-hand. “It was like stepping back in time,” he says. “The townsfolk all had their steins hanging on pegs above the bar. Dating from ...read more


Mettlach Beer Steins | Antiques Roadshow | PBS

Easy to drink from and holding plenty of beer, variations of the mug are a Seidel, which is a German Mug, as well as the famous Stein. A Stein, (which is German for stone,) is a stone mug with a lid on it. Dating back to the Dark Ages, the Stein received a lid to avoid flies from falling into one’s precious brew during the Black Plague. ...read more


Beer & Steins - Parker Oktoberfest

Budweiser Beer Steins. Budweiser steins and Budweiser Mugs issued by Anheuser-Busch Brewery over the years. From the Budweiser Holiday Steins Series, Anheuser-Busch Collectors Club and many more! 1997 Budweiser Holiday Signature Edition Stein. $25.00. View Details. 2001 Budweiser Holiday Holiday At The Capitol Mug. $14.95. View Details ...read more


ðŸª€â ¤ï¸ ï¸ Bauer sucht frau daniel stein ðŸª€â ¤ï¸ ï

Identifying and Dating Diesinger Steins Adolf Diesinger Stein Catalog Collector’s Guide to Dümler & Breiden Beer Steins Dümler & Breiden Stein Catalog S.P. Gerz Stein Catalog Introduction to Girmscheid Steins Matthias Girmscheid Stein Catalog Reinhold Hanke Stein Catalog Hauber & Reuther Stein Catalog J.L. Knoedgen Revealed J.L. Knoedgen Stein Catalog ...read more


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Pewter Tankards Shop by Category Congratulations you have reached one of the largest collections of Pewter Tankards in the USA. We have them grouped them by manufacturer. We have tankards from the largest pewter manufacturers in the world, all in one store. These are the manufacturers we have chosen to carry based on quality and price, based on our 18 years of experience. ...read more


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Stoneware Root Beer Bottles . In near-mint condition, this set of stoneware root beer bottles is a fun lot. It included three Cleary's Old Fashioned Root Beer bottles and one each of Dr. Swett's Original Root Beer and Moo Cow Ginger Beer. The largest bottle is 7 1/2 inches tall and the lot sold in 2009 for $176 through Morphy Auctions. ...read more


Identifying Marks of Old German Beer Steins | Our Pastimes

over 160 lots of vintage beer steins including:budweiser,coors,old style,miller high life,stroh's,and avon. there steins dating back to the 1970's to the 2000's. all steins are in good condition with ...read more


Your Stein: Old or New?

Steins: A Brief History: The word "stein" is of German origin. The etymology of the word is either from "Stein Krug" (meaning stone jug/mug) or from "Steingut" (meaning stone goods). Steins are mugs used for drinking beer. They can be made of earthenware, pewter, wood, ceramics, crystal, porcelain, creamware, silver, or glass. ...read more


Antique Beer Steins | Collectors Weekly

Mar 5, 2014 - Shop TBR Beer Stein created by TheBibleReloaded. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! ...read more


German Lithophane Beer Stein - Value This Now

8/4/2015 · Review images of legitimate German beer stein marks. Compare marks to images found in antique dealer catalogs, websites or images from professional collectors to determine authenticity. Compare the mark stamp, color, date of manufacture, company or artist name and other features of the mark. Determine the beer stein type ...read more


Beer Stein Repair - YouTube

2/3/2020 · The hand-painted stein can hold up to 22 ounces of your favorite brew and will impress pretty much any beer-loving GoT fan. $54.91 at Amazon.com RELATED: Expert-Approved Whiskey Tumblers ...read more


TBR Beer Stein | Zazzle.com | Beer steins, German beer mug

At this year's Parker Oktoberfest we will be selling three types of German Beer all from Paulaner. Paulaner is a German brewery, established in 1634 in Munich by the Minim friars of the Neudeck ob der Au cloister.The mendicant order and the brewery are named after Francis of Paola, the founder of the order.Paulaner is one of the six breweries who provide beer for Oktoberfest, the German beer ...read more


How to Tell if a Beer Stein is Valuable

9/15/2015 · Beer stein or just stein, is associate degree English neologism for either ancient Beer Steins created out of ceramic ware, or specifically decorative Beer Steins that are typically oversubscribed ...read more


Budweiser Beer Steins - Sam's Man Cave

This is a glass I got from my friend from Germany. It broke. I fixed it. ...read more


Types of Beer Steins by munichsteins - Issuu

Looking for the ideal Dating Beer Mugs to express yourself? Come check out our giant selection & find yours today. ...read more


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Brewery steins (straight-sided, plain grey stoneware with beer or brewery names on the front) are in wide use throughout Germany and Bavaria in particular, their shape little changed in the last 130 years. Most are saltglazed, which makes them ideal for use in beer gardens and inns, as they can take a … ...read more


Beer stein - Wikipedia

Beer stein. Beer stein or simply 'stein' (/ ˈ s t aɪ n / STYNE) has been for over a century an English expression for a traditional German beer mug made out of stoneware, whether simple and serviceably sturdy, or elaborately ornamental with either a traditionally cultural theme, or so embellished as to be sold as a souvenir or a collectible. ...read more


King Werk one of the last Original German Beer Stein

For most beer stein collectors, particularly in the United States, the “discovery” of Diesinger steins can be traced to the 1991 publication of A Collector’s Guide to Diesinger Steins, by Patricia L. and Eugene V. Manusov. For all intents and purposes, that early cataloging effort put Diesinger “on the map,” providing listings with photographs for more than 160 confirmed examples, along with close-up images of … ...read more


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